These questions and answers and based on experience and express my opinion only:

  1. I’m new to the the concept of male escort/professional companionship. I have never used the services of a professional escort before and I do not have any experience with an escort service. How will the meeting develop and what can I expect from it?
  2. I would like to make an appointment with you, but I am very shy and it is very hard for me to communicate. Shall I make the first move?
  3. I would like to make arrangements for a date with you. How can I contact you and what information do you need?
  4. How should I prepare for the meeting?
  5. Can you fulfilany special wishes or desires?
  6. Can I get a discount?
  7. How is the payment made?
  8. Do you smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs?
  9. How did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
  10. What is your formal education?
  11. Is Escorting your only occupation? Do you have a profession?
  12. What are you prior and current relationships?
  13. What do you think about marriage and kids?
  14. What are your reasons and motivation to relocate to Prague? Do you enjoy living in Prague?
  15. What is your sexuality?
  16. How and why did you start in this business?
  17. For how long do you plan to stay in business of male escort for women?
  18. What are your hobbies and interests?
  19. What countries you have already been to?


Q: I’m new to the the concept of male escort/professional companionship. I have never used the services of a professional escort before and I do not have any experience with an escort service. How will the meeting develop and what can I expect from it?

A: In my opinion the meeting with companion resembles a classic date when, for example, we meet up for a cup of something interesting and a conversation. Getting to know each other by talking, light touches, shy looks, pleasant flirtation, mutual expenditure of time, common experiences, walk around Prague. If you prefer a short meeting, it will usually take place at your hotel or home, where a pleasant conversation over a cup of tea would gradually remove any remaining nervousness and perhaps shame regarding the unknown. Longer meetings are a “role-play” of a real relationship where mutual tolerance also plays a role and where there are countless possibilities of spending time together, getting to know a foreign city and culture in a manner quite different from reading tourist guides, and especially with someone with whom you may share these experiences instead of being alone.


Q: I would like to make an appointment with you, but I am very shy and it is very hard for me to communicate. Shall I make the first move?

A: Yes. I am also nervous around somebody I dont know, dont know what she looks like, what she is like. In my case, the initial nervousness usually disappears after the fist smile and look into the eyes. I am very friendly person, communicative, open, sincere and with my personality and spontaneity I automatically evoke such an atmosphere that you will feel good with me and naturally relaxed. I try not to rush anywhere and respect individual requirements.


Q: I would like to make arrangements for a date with you. How can I contact you and what information do you need?

A: Firstly, I would like to emphasise that I respect your privacy and I do not keep or share your personal information. I request the same from you. Any correspondence we exchange belongs only in our hands and not in the hands of anyone else. The best way to make an appointment is to send me an e-mail in which you give your name, that you will be using for booking a hotel room, the date and lenght of meeting required (or at least an approximate date and length of meeting). I would be pleased if you could also write something about yourself. As an option you may give me your telephone number for SMS.


Q: How should I prepare for the meeting?

A: Perhaps just like going on a first date. It is important that you feel fine, relaxed and arrive in a good mood.


Q: Can you fulfilany special wishes or desires?

A: If it is something i will also like, I see no problem with this. It is important to ask me. Do not hesitate to do so.


Q: Can I get a discount?

A: The short answer is NO. The prices are final and not negotiable. Feel free to leave a tip or present at your free will. I kindly ask you also to cover my transpiration charges to and from place of our encounter.


Q: How is the payment made?

A: I do not accept checks or process credit card payments. Also I do not want the payment to disturb the spontaneous development of our meeting in any way, yet it would help us both to settle the money question within first minutes of our meeting. Please always have the stated sum of money ready, preferably in discreet envelop.


Q: Do you smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs?

A: No, I leading a healthy lifestyle. Never smoked. Very moderate consumer of alcohol at social occasions. Drugs is absolute taboo. Also I don’t mind being around smoker as this is individual matter and choice.


Q: How did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

  • Born in 1981.
  • In Kiev, capital of Ukraine.
  • Regular school, favorite subject Russian literature, not good in math.
  • Russian is a mother tongue. Ukrainian was taught at School and University as 2nd language.
  • Started attending English language evening school from six years.
  • Attended courses for drawing.
  • Attended ballet dancing school.
  • Attended karate school of martial arts.
  • Experienced the rapid changes of life in 90s years: as Soviet Union collapsed and the transition from Centralized economy to Market and from Communism to Democracy progressed.
  • 1st trip outside Ukraine was to children summer camp in Reggio Emilia, Italy when I was 11 years old.
  • Grew in very loving family of university professors.
    • I was not abused in any way and had a very happy childhood.
    • Parents and grand-parents are very normal and remain loving and carrying.


Q: What is your formal education?

  • Got Master’s Degree in International Management at major Technical University in Ukraine in 2002.
  • During university studies won scholarship – went to 1 year studies in USA to study business & government. University was at Kentucky State. Did not interact much with locals – rather with big, very international community from around the globe. Traveled to Canada – Peter-borough (small town near Toronto) to celebrate 2001 New Year with school friends from Ukraine.
  • During one year studies in US university one of the most memorable and exciting experiences was: enrollment in the R.O.T.C. military leadership courses (Reserve Officer’s Training Course). Wearing uniform for me was a symbol of honor, respect, recognition and status. I participated in all weekly physical trainings and several out of campus trainings near Fort Knox (US National gold reserve area). I have received a Leadership Excellence Award upon completion of 2 semesters.
  • During university years got a chance to attend several summer schools and events in Europe – Copenhagen & Roskilde in Denmark, Helsinki in Finland, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Budapest in Hungary, Warsaw in Poland.


Q: Is Escorting your only occupation? Do you have a profession?

  • I do have years of experience in corporate sector as management professional. Male escorting to woman & couples is currently my side-business for fun & pleasure, yet I take it seriously and responsibly.
  • Upon graduation started to career in Media/IT as marketing specialist and projects coordinator of various advertisements and online media.
  • In 2003 for half a year was working on a contract in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Was doing assistantship and interpretation work for a subsidiary company of a private investor.
  • Came to Czech Republic via international student traineeship exchange program (AIESEC) in 2004.
  • Worked full-time in several global Media & IT corporations as Marketing and/or Project Manager, coordinating various global teams.
  • I have a full-time corporate job as Project Manager at leading global IPTV Corporation (system integrator of internet television technologies). I worked on projects in France, China (Hong Kong), Russia (Moscow), USA, Ukraine and Canada. This would explain my limited availability as male escort for women and my high rates.
  • Since 2009 started to provide services as independent professional companion for women.


Q: What are you prior and current relationships?

  • I enjoy company of women. I have been in number of short and long-term relationships.
  • Currently I’m single.
  • Had 2 long term relationships 1 year and 4 years.
  • Had few shorter term relationships 1-6 months.
  • I’m liberal and democratic in relationship: I give a lot of freedom and expect same in return.
  • I believe that companionship and relationship are not really compatible. There seem to be a conflict of interests in terms of time and emotional involvement in between these two. Therefore currently I have chosen to focus on my activity as male companion for woman, aside from corporate full-time job.


Q: What do you think about marriage and kids?

  • I’m an idealist; therefore I believe that one of the biggest luck in lifetime is to find a partner for life.
  • My grandparents (by father’s line) got married in their early 20th and lived all life together. I find it a remarkable example. I would dream about similar luck, yet wondering if it is at all possible in modern high-speed lifestyle.
  • I believe that true long-term partnership foundations are: emotional comfort, respect, ability to adapt to each other, sexual satisfaction and financial security.
  • Also I believe that family is formed with major objective to have children.
  • I’m enrolled in professional escort for woman for 2-3 years. Yet after retiring from this activity – I do plan to have a family and children (would like to have at least 2 kids – a boy and a girl or perhaps even 3 kids – one girl and 2 boys) at some point, within 5 years. This is of course subject of finding the right partner. :-)


Q: What are your reasons and motivation to relocate to Prague? Do you enjoy living in Prague?

  • Living in Prague and Czech Republic was never my objective. It was not after completing my international studies I had a drive inside my mind to pursue an expat life outside of my home country. Once I’ve identified a passion for traveling and living in new places, somehow it never went away and I’m still addicted to expat life. I came to Czech Republic for a 6 months AIESEC traineeship to Ostrava at first. Then I found a different corporate job in Prague and relocated. I’m in Prague since 2004. By now a legal permanent resident of Prague and Czech Republic.
  • Prague is a great and magic city. It is like living in a fairy tale. Every day can enjoy practical combination of ancient history and architecture with one of the best transport infrastructure in Europe, and perhaps world. Walking, riding or driving are all good options.
  • Also Czech society is rather closed for foreigners. It took me some time to integrate: learn language, formal and informal culture with traditions. I find Czech culture very casual and rather tolerant. Prague is very safe and pleasant environment.
  • Enjoy living in Prague and traveling to other destinations for business trips.


Q: What is your sexuality?

  • I’m 100% straight male –I’m physically & emotionally attracted to women.
  • Once attending the massage course I was tasked to try making a massage to male and touching other male body made me want to puke. So my take from that massage course was that apart from massage technique I have re-confirmed what my physical and mental boundaries are.
  • Sexually active since 16 years old. My experience and learning “how to play” came from 30 partners (of various cultures, continents and colors). I believe that quality is better than quantity. Yet being a perfectionist I’ve always wanted to be best in a chosen field and want to learn how to play better.
  • Honesty is the best policy – being straightforward and honest in telling openly when it comes to desires and dreams. Also I’m very attentive to partner’s body language, yet still my capacity to read partner’s mind is rather limited.
  • I enjoy humor. It helps to relive stress or awkward situations.
  • I do have gay friends. They are fun company and most open to discuss and make great humor about sex and sexuality.
  • I’m quite a voyeur. I’m can imagine someone observing me with a female (or females).
  • Enjoy tenderness mixed with (controllable) ravishment.
  • I enjoy experimenting. Open to new things.


Q: How and why did you start in this business?

  • I have researched and learned entrepreneurship more than 10 years. I adore learning success and failure (lessons learned) stories of man and woman who “made it big” in corporate world. Starting male escort for woman as a business appealed to me as thrilling, yet rewarding business idea that worth the efforts (much more in terms of small business set up and growth experiences, rather than major source of income).
  • Driven by the courage, adventurism I enjoy doing things that other people would not necessarily willing or afraid to try.
  • Being adventurist and entrepreneur by nature I want to discover social relationships, connections, motivations and hidden networks within international societies that are hidden from the most.
  • I’m rather ego-centric, yet caring about others. Being raised with mam, sister and grandma I mostly get “what woman wants” and there are always been several women my attention after.
  • Also male escorting is my darker side, that I’m willing to explore. I have secretly dreamed to try male companion for woman line of work since about few years, even while still being in committed relationship. After 4 years when relationship went into crisis and my partner have quit, I decided to try escorting women as for a change for some time prior jumping into another relationship.
  • I had always had an interest in male & female interaction. I’ve read a number of books on dating, pick up artists, marriage, sex and social dynamics.
  • After a careful investigation about the industry (for about 2 years) I have set up my website and initiated online and print marketing campaign. From the moment of site launch the business is officially on.
  • I believe that it is better to try something and later make an educated choice whether you like to continue or not, then not to try at all.
  • One of things I admire about this line that when people engaging due to nature of escort interaction then they can be very straightforward and honest about anything in life. With this level of discretion and anonymity that escort work introduces by its nature – since true identities are kept secret (in most cases), then adults are more willing to discuss just about anything – success and failures in sexual life, secret desires and dreams, partners, pets or work. Sometimes it feels like I should have got a psychology credentials to listen or advice. :-)
  • I truly enjoy the intrigue of being male escort for woman and occasionally straight couples – the kind of contacts, knowledge about human nature and entertainment it brings.


Q: For how long do you plan to stay in business of male escort for women?

  • I plan to continue and have fun with the concept for 1-2 years, 2012 and 2013 respectively.
  • By then I hope to find a partner outside of escort line of work and commit to a family and consider having kids.


Q: What are your hobbies and interests?

  • In short: I’m a social butterfly, friendly host and appreciator of VIP events.
  • Photography & video art – I’m more of a visual perception (rather then audial or kinesthetic) and therefore admire any visual photography and video art concepts. Like fresh ideas – experience something that was not seen before anywhere else. Adore going to vernisages, and not just for free drinks and finger food (also admit this is nice marketing move to attract more people to event). In Photography specifically like Black & White style for its ability to capture concentrated emotions of the moment.
  • Modern & contemporary art – in every country I visit trying to visit Museum of Modern art (paintings, sculptures, installations). I have a special connection to this graphic art since I have myself attended paint academy for “young pioneers” when I was 7.
  • Theater – with background of middle-class intelligentsia family – love for theater, ballet, and slightly less opera is in my blood since childhood.
  • Ballet & dance performances are my favorite shows as I have a special connection to this body art since I have myself attended ballet dancing school for about a year when I was 6. When in Prague I have attended Salsa Dance classes for 3 years (stopped due focus on other activities).
  • Dancing – I love being on the dance-floor in club and enjoy as much intimate slow dance with a partner in restaurant or at the formal reception (if music and atmosphere allows).
  • Fashion & style – I have grown up in a family where woman – grandma, mam and sister were stylish ladies and always looked up for the latest fashion trends. At some point quality design closing from “Western” countries was either not available or extremely pricy. I remember time when they were doing their own sylish clothing items using how-to guides and pattern from a  Burda Moden magazine ( This family tradition has taught me to appreciate styles, colors, combinations and formed understanding how clothing can articulate natural beauty.
  • Sports – gym, jogging doing few times per week; for about 5 years already practicing martial art – aikido. Chose this martial art since it is based on concept of prevention rather than aggression. Also the mastery of this martial art is more in body flexibility and center of velocity then pure muscle power – therefore this sport can be practiced at any age.
  • Travelling – as true Sagittarius I’m always open to travel anytime and anywhere. As I have travelled this countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, China. I’m really looking forward to travel some day to new destinations in: Cuba, Australia, New Zeeland, Caribbean, Latin Americas (Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Columbia) and Asia (Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt).


Q: What countries you have already been to?


    If you still have question that I have not covered here -  then don’t hesitate to ask me personally by email or phone. I’m mostly online and usually reply emails within 1 day. Due to my full-time corporate day job I’m usually busy during the day, so in case you called me and I was unable to pick up right away, be sure I would call back shortly as soon as I can.

    In anticipation,
    Vlad, Young Professional Companion